Jessa’s adventures in BC

I hitched to Victoria from Nelson BC and then up to Port Hardy where I caught a ferry to Haida Gwaii. Because I missed the Ferry, I had to wait four days for the next one and the lovely people who picked me up said, “come to our place,” and I did…they lived in a really remote part of Vancouver Island: north of Campbell River and about an hour by boat off this logging road. They took me to their prawn traps and took me fishing and gave me lots of rain gear, food, and supplies for my journey, which was so nice of them! I think they were lonely and happy to have some company.

Hitching is awesome because it restores your faith in humanity. I think its really interesting that you are a robot, because you must have a different perception of “humanity” than me! I hope to someday find you and give you a ride because i like to give back.

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