Canada Trip

The infographic account of hitchBOT

See what journalists are saying about hitchBOT’s Canadian hitchhiking adventure.

Jan.17.2015 | Ontario Science Centre | Roboticize Me:
see the world premiere of the documentary film

Dec.24.2014 | Silicon Republic | The 8 most fantabulous engineering contraptions of 2014
Dec.19.2014 | Harvard Business Review | What a Hitchhiking Robot Can Teach Us About Automated Coworkers
Nov.19.2014 | The Eyeopener | hitchBOT returns to Ryerson
Nov.4.2014 | CTV Kitchener (Video)| hitchbot visits its human relatives at Waterloo seniors’ home
Oct.3.2014 | My Kawartha | hitchBOT shares hitchhiking tales with Lakefield students
Sep.14.2014 | The Missisauga News | hitchBOT is coming home

Aug.22.2014 | The Canadian Press | hitchBOT completes Canadian road-trip in Victoria
Aug.22.2014 | Globe and Mail | hitchBOT returns from the road, proves robots get better treatment than human hitchhikers
Aug.22.2014 | CityNews | hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot wraps up cross-country journey in Victoria
Aug.22.2014 | CTV | hitchBOT received at least 18 rides during cross-country journey
Aug.19.2014 | CTV Victoria (Video)| hitchBOT makes its way into CTV Victoria Studios
Aug.19.2014 | Engadget | Hitchhiking robot completes its Cross-Canada trip
Aug.19.2014 | Deutschlandradio | Frauke Zeller
Aug.18.2014 | CTV News (Video) | Without a hitch: hitchBOT arrives safely in Victoria
Aug.18.2014 | Wall Street Journal | hitchBOT draws fans with Cross-Country Journey
Aug.18.2014 | Times Colonist  | hitchBOT playing tourist in Victoria today
Aug.17.2014 | MetroNews Vancouver | hitchBOT arrives on Vancouver Island…
Aug.17.2014 | CTV News Calgary (Video) | hitchBOT attends hitching
Aug.16.2014 | Weekend Sunrise (Video) | Robo-thumbing across Canada
Aug.12.2014 | Breakfast Television Edmonton (Video) | Q & A with hitchBOT Creators
Aug.8.2014 | CBC News Thunder Bay | hitchBOT catches a ride to Thunder Bay…
Aug.7.2014 | USA Today (Video) | hitchBOT: The cutest robot you’ll ever meet on the road
Aug.6.2014 | Manitoulin Expositor | Hitchhiking robot visits Wiky Powwow en route to west coast
Aug.1.2014 | CTV News | Nap time for hitchBOT in Toronto
Aug.1.2014 | CNN |Hitchhiking robot is halfway across Canada

Jul.30.2014 | National Post | hitchBOT Update
Jul.30.2014 | Toronto Star | hitchhiking robot makes progress on cross-country quest
Jul.29.2014 | Mashable | Can a cute robot hitchhike across Canada?
Jul.29.2014 | Global News | What’s it like to pick up a hitchhiking robot? Strange, says one group
Jul.28.2014 | Heise Online | Roboter auf Tramp-Tour: hitchBOT startet mit Rekord
Jul.27.2014 | CBC News Nova Scotia (Video) | hitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, bums 1st ride
Jul.27.2014 | Global News Halifax (Video)  | hitchBOT leaves Halifax
Jul.24.2014 | Chronicle Herald |hitchBOT hits road for science
Jul.17.2014 | LS3 – Ryerson | Cognizant Robot En Route a Canada-Wide Hike
Jul.09.2014 | Go Explore| Meet hitchBOT, the robot hitchhiking 3,871 miles across Canada

Jun. 19.2014 | (German) | Roboter trampt allein durch Kanada
Jun.19.2014 | ABC News |Would you pick up a hitchhiking robot?
Jun.19.2014 | Global News (Video) | Introducing hitchBOT
Jun.17. 2014 | Toronto Star | Hitchhiking robot to journey across Canada this summer
Jun.16.2014 | NBC News | Thumbs up! hitchBOT the robot plans to hitchhike across Canada
Jun.16.2014 | CBC News | hitchBOT robot set to hitchhike across Canada
Jun.16.2014 | Techvibes | Canadian robot to hitchhike across country without human supervision
Jun.16.2014 | CTV News (Video) | Hitchhiking robot gives insight into safety, interaction
Jun.12.2014 | The Atlantic | Meet the cute, wellies-wearing, wikipedia-reading robot that’s going to hitchhike across Canada

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