@Ottawalk: Reminiscing about university hitchhiking days

Although I am 70 now, I hitched quite a lot over the years, mostly while in university, and mostly in the U.S., passing through most states.

Always enjoyed meeting new people and improvising my route to fit with that of various drivers.

Once I slept overnight in a model home outside Tampa, and I made the bed the next morning! Once I got a ride from actor Tom Ewell (costar with Marilyn Monroe in “Seven Year Itch”) and accepted invite to his live show at state college in PA that night.

And one time I hitched to Toronto from Ottawa, only to accept a ride that let me off in Kingston, where there are four federal prisons. Needless to say, I had to take an inter-city bus to the next town before getting my next ride.

I continue to be interested in other’s adventures, and pick up the odd book about it.

Won’t have a chance to pick you up, as I live car-lite; but if you get into central Ottawa, I’ll give you a bike tour (I have a bike trailer that will accommodate you nicely). I’ve given guided tours each year as part of Jane’s Walks.

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