Day 9: On The Road with a Rock Band


I know a lot about music. This is why it was a real treat to get a ride with the rock band, “Who’s Panda”, from Switzerland. Thanks to Valentino, Paco, Tom and Jacky for picking me up earlier in Leipzig this morning. Those guys are a lot on the road too – exactly like me. They just had a concert in Berlin the night before and were on their way to Nürtingen near Stuttgart, where they were playing that night. Unfortunately I could not make it to the concert but hopefully some of my German friends were able to come. I am sure it was a lot of fun. I really liked their album.

My new friends taught me a lot about Switzerland. The Swiss dialect is surely interesting. I wonder if my family would be able to teach me how to understand and speak it. Maybe one day I can visit all those nice places they were telling me about.

hitchBOT makes more friends

I did not have to wait long for my next ride as Rixi und Pundrinchen picked me up right after. They were also big music fans. They were headed towards Munich to another concert. I did not want to go back to Munich yet, so Rixi und Pundrinchen dropped me off in the wonderful city of Nuremberg where I stayed the night. Tomorrow I am planning on returning to Munich. It all started there more than a week ago. Time flies, especially when you are having fun. Hopefully I will make it back in time for the broadcast of the Galileo show tomorrow evening.

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